10 Most Popular Homeschool Programs


Are you looking for an all-in-one K-12 homeschool program? Here is a list of the 10 most popular programs used among homeschoolers (in no particular order):

1.K12 – Secular, online public school is available is most states. Its name varies by state (CAVA in CA, AZVA in AZ, etc.) and there are some differences in the curriculum based on requirements of different states, but it is the same, for the most part, across the board. Also, depending on where it is offered, it is often free! So it is a great choice if you are brand new to homeschooling, or short on funds.

2. A Beka – Christian curriculum that also provides curriculum for private schools. It is thorough and keeps children challenged. You can order a complete package including all subjects, or pick specific subjects individually.

3. Sonlight – Christian literature-based curriculum. There are several different options for ordering packages. You can choose a package geared toward one student, or a few students at different levels. If you have several students, it can be confusing trying to pick a package that works for all ages, but if you call their customer service line they are very helpful in guiding you in choosing an option that works for you.

4. Alpha Omega – This publisher has four different options to choose from – Switched on Schoolhouse, which is a computer based program; Monarch, an online program; Lifepacs or Horizons, both are textbook based options; or a Weaver, which is a unit study program. All of them are popular choices among homeschoolers. You can also choose to order a complete package with all subjects included, or piece together a few subjects of your choice.

5. Bob Jones (BJU Press) – Textbook based Christian curriculum. They also offer an online, private school option.

6. ACE/PACE – Christian, textbook based curriculum. Their subjects comes in the form of “Paces”, which are workbooks for each subject that are separated by unit. They also have the option to enroll in an online academy, called Lighthouse Christian Academy.

7. Christian Liberty Press – Christian program, that offers three options for study. Textbook based, independent study, CLASS Plan which offers full enrollment and services, or a combination of the two, called CLASS Family Plan. You are still independent, but you also receive some of the services available for the CLASS Plan.

8. Memoria Press – Classical Christian curriculum. They focus on the Classical method, which follows the Trivium and includes Latin in the plan. They also offer an online academy.

9. Veritas Press – Classical Christian curriculum, focus is on the Classical method of study, following the Trivium. You can order all subjects, but they do not offer them in an easy to order, all-in-one package. But it is all there for you, with the option to use self-paced computer courses instead of books. They also offer an online academy that provides independent study or live, online courses.

10. My Father’s World – Christian literature based program. Their curriculum is designed to be easily used with several students using the same package, with supplemental packages designed for high school students.

So there you have it! All of the above are excellent K-12 homeschool programs, and come highly recommended. They are also all designed so that you can receive all that you need for a full year of study, including books for all subjects, lesson plans, and even some accessories like math manipulatives and science experiment supplies. I did not include other programs that are incomplete. I know there are several available that offer a plan of study, worksheets, or other helps but you are still required to do some planning or hunting down books.