Homeschool 101: I Could Never Do That!

It almost never fails…..

When I tell someone that I homeschool their first response is, “I could never do that!” To which I never really know how to reply.

Most of the time their reasoning falls into two categories: 1) they don’t feel like they have the patience to deal with their children all day, everyday, day in, day out, without ceasing….. but I digress; 2) they don’t think they are smart enough or qualified to teach their children.

In this video, I address the first sentiment – lack of patience. Let me start by saying homeschool moms are NOT saints!! We lose our cool just as much as “regular” moms do. BUT….. there is a major difference in the interactions. I’ll explain.

When you have your children in public or private school, they spend the bulk of their time during the day there. They are spending tons of energy in the classroom, on the playground (hopefully), and during their lunch.

Then they come home to you. (Or possibly head to an after-school program, where they spend even more energy). By the time you get to sit down with them, they are exhausted – mentally, physically, and emotionally. And you have to make them get their homework done. Insert the tears, and the yelling, and the frustration. Not to mention the kids! 😉

There is also the issue of dealing with attitudes and behaviors that the kids have possibly learned at school, that you aren’t too keen of.

The difference with homeschooling is that you are getting them at their best. They are well-rested, well-fed, comfortable with you and their surroundings, and they are not pressured to compete or keep up in a classroom full of other children.

You have the opportunity to deprogram those learned behaviors. You get to set a new schedule that works for the whole family. You all begin to settle into a new routine.

Obviously, it is not perfect. There will still be frustration. There will still be tears! But it gets better and better each week, each month, and each year that you are together with your kids.

So give it a shot! You may find that it is the best possible solution for you and your kids!

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