Emeals Review

I have a great system for planning meals. It’s easy, it’s quick, it works. The problem is, it’s stale. I am tired of the same meals, over and over. And frankly, a lot of them are very rich and fattening.

I wanted something to use to add some variety to our dinners, without having to spend a ton of time searching recipes, printing them out, and trying them, only to find that they don’t work for our family, or frankly, taste terrible!

I have tried emeals in the past, after it was recommended by Dave Ramsey. At that time it wasn’t a good fit for us. I don’t remember the exact reason, but I think it just wasn’t as convenient as it is now, especially with the app. I also don’t think the meals were as good.

Update to now, and it’s a whole new story! We’ve been using it consistently for over a month now, and I just love it!

First off, the meal selection is so much better, with more variety of meal plans to suit different dietary needs. For my family, we don’t have any restrictions, like food allergies or dietary needs. But I do appreciate the options for different healthy options. We have the freedom to choose from Clean Eating, Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, and several others. And the option to change your meal plan at any time is especially helpful. Not only that, but when you switch meal plans you can also view the previous week or older plans for the plan that you switch to.

There is also an option to add some of the meals that you enjoy to a list of favorites. Not every meal is a winner. But there are more winners than losers for us, and when we do enjoy something, we just click and add it to our list of favorites. Now when we see something on the weekly meal plan that doesn’t sound appealing, we can swap it out for something that we know we will enjoy.


When you decide you want to use a meal, either from the current meal plan or from your favorites, you can send it to your shopping list. Your shopping list will now include every item you need to prepare each meal, including any condiments and staples you might need. You can then edit your shopping list and remove things you already have, and add things you need that are not part of the meal. Need cereal for breakfast? You can add it! Toilet paper? Add it.

As you shop at the grocery store you simply select the items as you pick them up and it marks it completed and removes it from the list. It’s so convenient! And you see that at the bottom? You also have the option to send the entire list to a grocery delivery service and just have everything delivered to you for even more convenience!

Now here’s the icing on the cake: Chef Mode. When you are ready to cook your meal, the app has a feature on it called “Chef Mode”, where it will display each step in the cooking process individually, and you just swipe when you are ready for the next step! For me, it just is the icing on the whole emeals cake.


Wanna give it a try? If you use my link here you can sign up for a 14-day free trial. I earn free months of emeals when you do. I’m not an affiliate and I don’t earn money from emeals. I just wanted to share this review because I genuinely enjoy this program and it’s convenience!