Back to School 2016/2017

I am the Queen of Procrastination. Every year I find myself approaching the start of the school year with nary a book or school supply in sight. I promise myself every year it’ll be different next time. But so far I haven’t kept that promise!

I have figured out what we will be using and what the total cost will be. So here is what it looks like:

Bible – This year I am going to give the Explorer’s Bible Study series a try. In the past we’ve done things together but I would like the kids to be able to learn more independently with their Bibles, and feel free to explore topics they may come across on their own.

History – We used AOP Lifepacs last year and the kids enjoyed them. I like that they allow for them to work independently, and they also incorporate Geography in the lessons. I’m hoping this year we will actually complete the entire set. 🙂

Science – In the past I’ve always used Apologia Science books. Last year my two younger kids used Abeka Science books and they absolutely loved it! So I’m going to continue using them. I haven’t yet decided if my high school son will use Apologia for Chemistry, or Abeka, or use the program on It’s free, and it’s pretty hard to beat free with a good program!

Language Arts – This year I’m going to give Learning Language Arts Through Literature a try (LLATL). It looks like a fun program that incorporates the study of Language Arts, like spelling, vocabulary, parts of speech, etc., with the study of Literature. I hope it works out well!

Math – We are going to continue to use Khan Academy online. It’s free, it works great, the kids enjoy it. ‘Nuff said.

Foreign Language – We are also going to continue using Duolingo for the older kids’ foreign language. It’s free, it works great, the kids enjoy it.

So that’s how it looks right now. Things could change, as they frequently do. 🙂 But that’s for another post, on another day.


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